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Khorassan Rugs & Carpets

Mashad is part of the vast northeast Persian Province of Khorassan, but we consider its carpets under a separate entry. ‘Khorassans’ are generally taken as those rugs woven in the area south of Mashad running down to Birjand and including Qaen, Dorokhsh, Gonabad, Turshiz and Mud. The main road leading south passes through the Baluch areas of Turbat-i-Haidari and Turbat-i-Sheikh Jam. According to the early Arab and Persian historians, carpets have been woven there since the tenth century. Many of what used to be substantial towns are now only large villages with rug production to match.

The antique carpets most associated with the area are the gallery carpets and large carpets that are often square. [...]

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