Antique Persian Senneh Rug, No.12537 - Galerie Shabab

Antique Persian Senneh Rug

No. 12537
Persia, 1920
4 ft. 7 in. x 8 ft. 9 in.
(1.39 x 2.65 m)

An antique Persian Sanneh rug. Larger than the usual Senneh scatter, this rug retains the classic Senneh features: navy ground; close Herati textile pattern;  red turtle palmette and leaf border; single weft; sandpaper pile and verso; fine weave. Sennehs have always been the rugs of choice for Persians of a traditional bent.  Aristocratic and restrained.

  • Hand-knotted in Persia
  • Wool
  • One-of-a-kind