Vintage East Turkestan Khotan Carpet, No.18358 - Galerie Shabab

Vintage East Turkestan Khotan Carpet

No. 18358
East Turkestan, 1930
7 ft. x 14 ft. 2 in.
(2.12 x 4.28 m)

A vintage East Turkestan Khotan carpet. The well-abrashed tan to the taupe field of this East Turkestan long carpet displays two columns of thin-limbed, but fruitful, pomegranate trees growing from two tiny vases at each end. A rosette and leaf inner border and a Turkmen-style outer band of double hook modules form an ethnically correct frame.

  • Hand-knotted in East Turkestan
  • Wool
  • One-of-a-kind