Vintage Persian Baluch Rug, No.13313 - Galerie Shabab

Vintage Persian Baluch Rug

No. 13313
Persia, 1955
3 ft. 11 in. x 6 ft. 3 in.
(1.18 x 1.89 m)

A vintage Persian Baluch rug. Every motif on the ivory border and field ground is Turkmen in derivation, as are the end panels which are directly derived from Tekke Turkmen rugs. The field pattern of horizontal lines and V’s with tiny rams’ horn finials is adapted from Tekke and Yomud engsis (tent door rugs). Regardless of exact attribution, this rug is modern and visually decorative, lighter and freer than the darker antique Turkmen and Baluch weavings.


  • Hand-knotted in Persia
  • Wool
  • One-of-a-kind

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