Antique Persian Lavar Kerman Pictorial Accent Carpet, No.27776 - Galerie Shabab

Antique Persian Lavar Kerman Pictorial Accent Carpet

No. 27776
Persia, Late 19th Century
7 ft. 2 in. x 8 ft. 5 in.
(2.17 x 2.55 m)

An antique Persian Lavar Kerman pictorial accent carpet handmade during the late 19th century. The three registers depict an ancient Achaemenian Dynasty Persian king, possibly Xerxes I (r. 486-465) enthroned with an armed bodyguard, flywhisk bearer and royal umbrella bearer, larger than life and regally attired, above two rows each of ten of colorfully dressed male figures, some armed with lances, shields, and bow and arrow quivers. The sandy straw field has shaped upper corners and a navy rosette spandrel panel with floral decoration is placed above. The main border is a chain of eggshell cartouches in nas’taliq script with poetic content.

There is a substantive inscription cartouche in the upper border reading: the work of Abol Ghassem Karim Kermani. Abol Ghassem was one of a famous Kerman family spanning several generations of designers and master weavers. Only in Kerman are there surviving quantities of cartoons of old and antique carpets signed by esteemed designers, Abol Ghassem among them.

  • Hand-knotted in Persia
  • Wool
  • One of a kind